Fabulously Flamingocorn is a unique business that sprang out of a love of all things shiny and sparkly. The original idea was formed when Lynda met Candy. (It’s like when Harry met Sally only with more rhinestones!) They got talking about the need to find someone to style wigs for the Drag community.  Lynda, a professional make up artist and wig dresser, powered by a little Prosecco, suggested maybe she run a few classes. Candy, resplendent in one of Lynda’s wig creations, and also powered by a little Prosecco, agreed and Fabulousy Flamingocorn was born. Originally concentrating on the Drag Queens and Kings, we realised that everyone should be included and everyone deserves to feel fabulous. Today, Fabulously Flamingocorn offers everything from full on fabulous makeovers for every one, to beautiful custom designed jewellery for the ball, to bespoke items that need a little extra bling. We’re fully inclusive and everyone is welcomed to feel fabulous.