About Us

Meet the Flamingocorns

You really do have to be crazy to work here!
    Lynda Pearce

    Award winning Jewellery Designer, self proclaimed Glitter Queen and the head of our Flamingocorn team.

    Lynda Pearce
    Designer and Flamingocorn Co-Founder.
    Candy Licious

    Drag queen, LGBT Activist warrior, and the inspiration for many of Fabulously Flamingocorn designs.

    Candy Licious
    Drag Consultant and Flamingocorn Co-founder
    Jessica Bannister-Pearce

    Head of the IT department, Self Proclaimed Gothicorn (They made me type that) and designer of this webshop.

    Jessica Bannister-Pearce
    IT Guru and tame Goth and Flamingocorn Co-Founder.

What can we offer you?

Ideas and concepts

We often come up with the weird and the wonderful. In fact that's pretty much who we are. Our Condom Dress for example.


We believe in passing on our skills to a new generation of designers. From Groups to one on one tuition, we can offer it all.

Highly customisable

If you see a design you like but it doesn't come in a colour you like. Let us know and we can create a version just for you.